GDocx 3.0.0 released

GDocx, the fluent interface to the Docx4J library, version 3.0.0 has been released.

What’s new ?

GDocx now uses the latest (3.0.1) Docx4j version.

Other changes includes replacement of Fest Assert with the AssertJ library which is more flexible and powerful.

All files, including source and javadoc can be downloaded from the project home at the

GDocx 1.1.0 released

GDocx 1.1.0 has been released. GDocx is a fluent interface for the Docx4j library which support OOXML documents (.docx) creation and modification.

GDocx can be downloaded from here.

New in the 1.1.0 release:

  • Enhancement request GDOCX-1 (support for table border “nil”) has been implemented.
  • Enhancement request GDOCX-2 (support for space attribute on table and paragraph borders) has been implemented.
  •  A new demo has been created to show how tables can be easily created with GDocx.

GDocx: fluent interface to Docx4j

Docx4J is a Java library to create and modify Microsoft Open XML (Word docx, Powerpoint pptx, and Excel xlsx) files.

It is a very complete and stable solution to work on docx files. The API matches the XML structure closely and so it is sometimes difficult to use.

I created a fluent like interface to Docx4j time ago which I have recently open sourced under the GDocx name. GDocx let to use Docx4j in a much simpler way.

Project home is at where you can download the library, read some documentation and also comment, if you like, on the dedicated forum.