Review: Mockito Cookbook

Mockito Cookbook
Mockito Cookbook by Marcin Grzejszczak
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Very good. This is a well written and very interesting reading for everybody involved in Java testing. This book is not intended to be a primer on testing in general and on Mockito in particular. Beginners should look for an introduction on automated testing before start with Mockito Cookbook. The author covers everything related to the Mockito library and also on several additional libraries and tools connected to Mockito, like, for example, PowerMock. The book starts with an introductive chapter on Mockito installation and basic usage with both JUnit and TestNG. The core of the book is the chapters from 2 to 7 where the author explain, as recipes, several techniques to test easy and difficult to test code. Final book chapters are on legacy code testing, testing using frameworks like Spring and Mockito compared to other mocking libraries. In all examples, sometimes a bit repetitive due to the recipes approach, the author also explain general testing and object oriented programming approaches and methodologies. This is of course limited in space but there are plenty of references.

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